Story Of The Blues

Do forgive me.  I’ve talked so much about how I’m feeling, about events in my life leading up to it, and so on, that I’ve neglected the one shining light, the one constant in all of this.


It’s consoled me when I’m sad, given that get up and go when I’m brooding, added to my joy in happy times, and generally just been there, asking for nothing in return, just pleased you were there to hear it.

Instead of wittering on today, well, this isn’t the soundtrack to my life, but these songs have at some point been so, so important in my life.

Enjoy  🙂


A seminal gay rights activist and artist of the late 70’s, he was hugely influential to me in my teenage years with the TRB album ‘Power In The Darkness’.  When I mellowed out politically and emotionally, but still found relationships hard going, so did Tom.  I love the laid back feel to this, coupled with bittersweet lyrics.  This has been played a lot recently!


An unusually aggressive track of defiance from Elton, a sort of message to the world that I may be down, but I’m not out, and now I’m fighting back.  Usually the first song I hear in the morning, it gets me into the perfect frame of mind to face the world down every day.


Simply a beautiful, beautiful song.  Makes me sad, yet somehow at the same time so blissfully happy to hear it.  If I ever get married this will be the wedding dance song.  Wonderful.  Thank you Buddy.


The first time I cried over someone dying.  I adored Marc Bolan and was thrilled when he had his own tv series especially for children.  One week his guest was David Bowie and they jammed together.  I was agog.  A week later he was gone.  His music, though, is as inspiring and inspirational now than it has ever been.  Marc has got me through some dark, dark times even though he’s been gone for so long.


And, of course, I had to include this!  Hopefully music is as uplifting for you as it is for me.  Long may it be so too!


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