Sunday Expressionism

A bit of an improvement.  The last time I remembered being awake was around 3am so a three hour step in the right direction for a sound night’s sleep after the recent flurry of staying up all night.

I’m keeping to my regular good habit too.  I’m taking Sunday off, stopping all that self analysis.  Six days a week of that self inflicted misery is quite enough.  No, today is about what makes me happy.

This week it’s the turn of a daft little internet invention that can say so much without you typing a single word.  The gif.  It comes in so, so handy, when you want to really say what you feel but know that if you do it’ll cause far more fuss in the process.

Instead, a mildly amusing small animation or vid clip can give the impression of what your reaction or emotion is, in a less-than-serious tone.  It defuses a difficult situation, whilst at the same time leaving a little underlying message.  Perfect for the media friendly soundbite era that we live in.

Here’s a few of my favourites and when and why I use them.


“So what?”

Never fails to make me laugh.  I’m doing it even now.  A more polite way of saying how little I care about what someone is saying.  But not much more.


“For the last time ….”

Whenever I feel pressured into doing something, especially socially, I feel very uncomfortable.  If I give in to peer pressure, I feel awful about it afterwards.  Yet I find it so difficult to say no.  This has been such a handy way around it, showing my frustration with whatever’s being repeatedly asked of me.  The message gets across.


“God I’m bored with this.”

I’m guilty of tedium as much as the next person, except I don’t have the social confidence to tell someone to shut up as, they do to me in these situations.  If I’m online, this is a fun ice-breaker, letting the other person that we need to change subjects.  It works as well.


“I’ve had enough of this”

When I get to a point of a discussion where it’s gone so far off track, purely because the other person can try to prove they were right and I was wrong about a fairly trivial thing, this one is often used.  It’s a clear signal of ‘okay, you’ve scored your point off me, let’s move on, please’.  It appears to be rude but it does the trick.  Until 10 minutes later when another petty point comes up …..


“Oh yes.”

When I’m happy about something, this is a regular online response.  A funny man, a funny programme, and a nice expression of how pleased I am with something.  Some people may take it as sarcasm, but I never use it in a context where any friends of mine could construe it as that.  They know I’m happy when they see this.


There we have it.  How I express myself without actually expressing myself.  Very handy in this day and age and a lot of fun.  Hopefully you have your favourites too.

Have a lovely Sunday  xxx


One thought on “Sunday Expressionism

  1. Love the tree! It’s so beautiful i just want to die and be buried here.
    Had a good laugh with the gifs. I love gifs. my blog posts would be dead without them.


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